Kenya’s travelling to India for Organ Transplant

Download Form 21

 The transplant of Organs (Liver, Kidney, lungs, Heart) in India is governed by the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994 (THOA). The Act sets out criteria for transplant which is checked by the Authorisation Committee set up by the Government of India. Although the suitability of the organ donor is determined by the treating Consultant, they have to meet the requirements set in the Act. ALL organ donors MUST be above 18 years of age

  1. Please bring all the original documents when applying for Letter of no objection for organ transplant.
  2. Ensure that all supporting documents are certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Legal Department) and the signature authenticated by the High Court of Kenya before leaving Kenya.
  3. Kindly note that only documents certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be attested by the Kenya High Commission in New Delhi, India.
  4. Incomplete documents will not be accepted.

Requirements for Letter of No Objection of Organ Transplant

The underlisted are requirements for first degree related organ donor and recipient (mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandparents, grandchildren, husband and wife): 

  1. Duly filled form 21 (click here to download).
  2. Copies of passports and visas for a patient, donor and attendant.
  3. Two passport size photographs for both the donor and the recipient.
  4. Affidavits:
  • Consent affidavit from next of kin of Donor – from both mother and father (if donor is unmarried) (click here to download).
  • The consent affidavit if the donor is married, needs to be provided by both the spouse (husband/wife as applicable) and parents (either father or mother) along with passport size photographs.
  1. Copies of birth certificates, marriage certificate, death Certificate (where applicable), National Identity card as documentary proof of relationship.
  2. Duly attested family tree showing the relationship between the donor and the recipient.
  3. Referral letter from a doctor/hospital in Kenya.
  4. A clearance letter from the Ministry of Health, Kenya; and
  5. Clearance letter from National Hospital Insurance Fund (where applicable).

The underlisted are additional documents for unrelated organ donors (cousins, uncles, aunties)

  1. Supporting documents giving reasons, suitability and circumstances under which the relative is willing to donate his/her organ.
  2. Self-attested family tree showing the relationship between the patient and the donor.

Requirements for Letter of No Objection to repatriate mortal remains/ashes to Kenya

The Mission issues a Letter of No Objection (NOC) to repatriate mortal remains of a Kenyan citizen.

The under listed are the requirements for NOC which should be scanned and emailed to

  1. Letter from the hospital giving the death intimation and requesting for transportation/burial/cremation;
  2. Medical summary from the hospital;
  3. Death Certificate issued by the hospital;
  4. Copy of the deceased Kenyan Passport;
  5. Copy of the caregiver’s/attendant’s Kenyan passport;
  6. Letter of no objection issued by the local police (varies from state to state);
  7. Embalming Certificate or Cremation Certificate;
  8. Consent letter from the family giving authority to an undertaker to transport the remains and also confirming that all the expenses incurred during repatriation will be met by the family; and
  9. Consent letter from the family authorizing the hospital to cremate the body as per the Indian Law if the cause of the death is COVID 19.

Repatriation letter is issued and emailed within a day after receipt of complete documents. THE ABOVE SERVICE IS FREE OF CHARGE.

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