The Mandate of the Mission is to promote and protect Kenya’s interests in India and Countries of accreditation. This includes fostering friendly relations with partner countries in our area of responsibility; facilitating the realisation of Kenya’s development objectives as highlighted in the Big Four Agenda through development partnerships, trade and investment; ensuring representation in multilateral organisations headquartered in India; promoting the welfare and interest of the Kenyan Diaspora and projecting the image and prestige of Kenya in the region.

Service Charter

This service Charter takes into consideration the objectives set out in the Mission’s Strategic Plan 2018/2019 -2022/23, The Ministry’s Strategic Plan for the same period, Kenya’s Foreign Policy, Kenya Vison 2030, the Big Four Agenda and the Constitution of Kenya.

This service Charter has been developed in line with the Current Government of Kenya policy aimed at promoting Public participation and stakeholder engagement for purposes of ensuring services provided by public entities are aligned with the needs of the public. It also aims at providing service standards expected from the High Commission and a mechanism for redress where the services have not met set standards.

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Core Values


Our Staff shall exercise loyalty and uphold allegiance to the Republic of Kenya at all times

Customer Focus

We shall treat our stakeholders with courtesy respect and promptness


Our staff shall exercise high level of professional competence and confidentiality in all their work

Equity and Fairness

We shall promote justice impartiality and diversity in all our dealings

Team Spirit

We shall promote teamwork to enhance service delivery and inculcate shared and collective responsibility in executing our mandate

Ethics and Integrity

We will embrace transparency and accountability in all operations of the Mission